Spiritual Relationships: twin flames and soul mates

Once I progressed along my spiritual journey I heard the terms “twin flame” and “soul mate” thrown around quite often. Typically I don’t associate with “labels” but it is absolutely imperative that one gives these terms a unique distinction. From a western perspective we tend to have this Hollywood idea of a soul mate being the one true person we are destined to be with. A knight in shining armor, mister tall dark and handsome, I never really bought into those notions though. But we seem to have this idea that there’s this one person who is just perfect for us. Well, from a spiritual perspective everyone we encounter in this existence is essentially “perfect” for you because they are here to show you and teach you about yourself. I say this because you attracted them. Let me back track a little with some metaphysics 101, EVERYTHING is energy. This shouldn’t be deemed metaphysical because if you study some basic chemistry you will find this to be true. Anyway, the people we attract are attracted to us because we essentially called out to them, like a magnet. In some way shape or form that person is matched with you vibrationally.

So what is a soul mate? Toss out the Hollywood idea of soul mates for a second while I explain what my take on soul mates are. Before we incarnated into denseness (a physical body) we inhabited the spiritual realm. As our souls formed, there were other closely related souls whom tend to incarnate with you around the same time. Soul mates are essentially like spirit brothers, sisters, cousins, etc. Your actual family members may not necessarily be soul mates. Soul mates have nothing to do with romance. Have you ever met someone who you were sure you’ve known before? They were probably a soul mate. These folks share a lot of similar astrological aspects as well. Soul mates are quite common.

What are twin flames? Basically like your evil twin sent here to reflect all the evil aspects of yourself back to you. LOL, ok maybe not that extreme but it is pretty deep. Twin flames are rare…very rare. The skeptic didn’t believe in notions of twin flames and soul mates because the skeptic believes all this spiritual stuff is new age crap. Prior to my experience with mine, my research showed that a twin flame was one who in essence was the other half of your soul. As we are pure energy in the spirit realm we are complete with yin and yang energy. When we materialize and lower in vibration to incarnate physically, the soul splits creating male and female. Some say this process continues creating numerous twin flames, some don’t. I’m not quite sure where I stand with that belief.

My experience:

2012 is when I became acquainted with my twin flame. When we first spoke over the phone it was for a spiritual consultation. Immediately I felt a sense of familiarity with him but we lived many miles away from each other. So over the course of 2012 to late 2013 we had spoken a few times over facebook and email, nothing serious until late 2013. Through a series of very interesting events I was able to speak with him again over the phone and we spoke more in depth. We decided to kick the conversations up a notch and get more personal. As we did it seemed like our connection grew stronger! The first sign of noticing the shift is one time when we were on the phone and my ears started ringing really bad, I mentioned it to him and he started laughing. So I asked what was funny, he said he had just asked for a sign from the divine. Like permission to ask me if I could come visit him. So we laughed and continued talking. As thing progressed I could tell it was becoming a bit much for him because he started to withdraw. We had discussed my relocating to be closer to him and had some real conversations about meeting up and us doing some work together. Next thing I know, I don’t hear from him for a week. I asked him what was wrong and it was if I never even existed to him and he told me that he felt he had a twin flame out there that he was supposed to find plus he still had feelings for his ex. This totally took me for surprise, my soul was broken. We weren’t even talking at all after that. Shortly after everything went downhill I dreamt that his father, whom I’ve never met or spoken to, emailed me. In the email he described some of the women my guy was still tripping over and basically told me not to give up on him. Completely shocked when I woke up from the dream and it wasn’t like I could tell my guy about it because we weren’t talking. Recently I asked my ancestors about the dream and they said he reached out to me in the dream because he wants myself and his son to be together. They had been talking about me and he wants me to be the woman his son marries. This brought tears to my eyes because of everything we went through. To spare you guys the excruciating details of our story i’ll shorten it. We ended up getting back in contact twice and falling out both times. Those two times we fell out I dreamt it the night before it happened. Our connection was so strong I would dream things and the next day he would be talking about it. He had an experience in the underworld through meditation/astral projecting and I had dreamt about it. It wasn’t until I told him about the dream that he was able to tell me why I dreamt it because I thought it was random. Somehow my presence was with him on his journey. If I was ovulating (extra horny) he could feel it literally. We’d always catch each other thinking or saying something the other was thinking, finishing each other’s sentences etc. So our connection was very deep spiritually, unlike anything I’d ever experienced.

Okay so why are these relationships important?

Spiritual relationships evolve you, whether or not you want to be. Particularly the twin flame connection. These people test boundaries you didn’t even know you had. Being with a twin flame is literally guns and roses. One minute you feel like you’re on cloud nine then the next you feel like they just ripped your soul out and ate it. But trust me they are here to evolve you. As you merge as one soul with your significant other it is the opportunity to transcend your separateness and to embody oneness through the masculine/feminine essence other half of your soul. The separate self (ego) doesn’t like this so it seeks to preserve its identity by creating an environment of separateness and dysfunction. For example, when my twin brought up some completely erroneous allegations against me my separate self wanted to be in victim mode. HE HURT ME, my separate self proclaimed. My higher self said to look within his heart and to see myself being reflected through him. When I did this I saw a man who has been deeply hurt and was in need of my love and support. That is part of my mission in this lifetime, to provide divine love for all beings. Failure to master a relationship is failure to master self. Our mates are here to show us different aspects of ourselves. We often fail to realize that there is a lesson involved because we fail to find ourselves through our partners. When we fail to find oneness through our partners we have essentially told the universe that we failed to master the lesson. Therefore we subconsciously create situations and or attract people that cause us to revisit these lessons; unlearned lessons accumulate as energetic baggage, karma. When we get into new relationships having not dealt with our issues we begin to project our own baggage unto our partner which then creates the situation for you to revisit the lessons you haven’t learned. Nothing in this world is truly bad nor good, everything just “is.” We give situations denseness by attaching a label to It. Otherwise things would just be. The separate self seeks to attach to that denseness by resisting the flow of harmony. Everything is always flowing in harmony and the pain we experience exists solely because we are resisting allowing what is. Our greatest challenges (relationships) also pose our greatest healing.


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