Recalling a past life

I awakened in the dream mid-action it seemed like. It was so vivid like I was just dropped into a movie. I was climbing a huge pyramid. There were massive snakes surrounding me covering the pyramid. I looked to my left and noticed a snake at least 30ft long that fell off the pyramid and just seemed to glide through the air as it fell to the tree tops. It was so many snakes on the pyramid that it was normal for them to fall off. I was hanging on the ledge of the pyramid, almost to the top. Some smaller snakes started to slither near my fingertips, I started to get scared. Suddenly a voice, stern masculine voice started speaking to me saying “do not be afraid, the snakes will not harm you. You are in the Amazon.” I began questioning why I was there, it was as if my consciousness in this lifetime was trying to interject within this other worldly experience. If that makes any sense. Although I was beginning to question why I was there and what I was doing, intuitively I knew what to do. It was almost like I was being controlled by my awareness in that lifetime but my consciousness in this lifetime was observing and asking questions. I proceeded with climbing the pyramid and now I was at the very top. As I moved towards the center of the pyramid the snakes seemed to move out my path. When I stopped walking they circled around my legs and some were actually wrapped around my legs but surprisingly I wasn’t afraid. Then I spread my arms and began saying some words like “I will now honor my ancestors…” I was doing a ritual of some sort.

When I awoke from this dream instantly the shaman said this was a past life dream, the skeptic called bullshit. There’s no such thing as past life, where the proof? When I spoke with my ancestors I asked “What did the dream with me on the pyramid mean?” They said it indeed WAS a past life memory. I asked where was I in the dream and immediately one of my ancestors said Brazil. At that point things were starting to creep the skeptic out so I began asking questions about other things. When I was a kid I always felt that this couldn’t possibly be the only experience we have here on the planet. I don’t get with the religious idea of dying and going to heaven or hell and spending eternity there. That just didn’t seem like life to me. However, I was raised in a religious home so even the notion of past lives was taboo. When I had this dream experience my spirit was pushing me to embrace my “coming” into my spirituality but its like the separate self that still wanted to remain attached to the mundane aspect of this reality. So its like I have these battles within myself and I feel as though I’m going crazy. When I speak about the things I experience instantly I’m shunned and told I’m crazy for believing in the things I believe in. For me it’s more than a belief, these are REAL experiences.



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