Redefining the process of dreaming

Dreams are not merely collective subconscious archetypes nor are they merely repressed desires. Scientists have made great strides in revealing how our reality is really an illusion. Many of us get this to some extent. So then why is it that when someone…well me…when I bring up the conversation about dreams people automatically go into “dreams are just dreams” mode? Personally as I’ve dabbled in a little bit of quantum physics its clear to note that what we perceive to be reality is truly nothing more than our brain’s interpretation of our external reality. So in all actuality we live in a external reality in which we know nothing about. The rabbit hole goes deep. Let’s get lost in it shall we? Perhaps our waking reality should be regarded more so in terms of being symbolic. As we enter the dream space its almost as if we are suspended in a void of nothingness. We are not receiving signals via the senses which require the brains interpretations which I feel is a function of the left brain. As such we are “numb” to or unaware of external stimuli which enables us to enter this deep trance state. Perhaps the brains solitary functions are to receive and interpret signals throughout our bodies, which are necessary in order to properly inhabit a physical body. So perhaps as we sleep our brains are merely observing rather than interpreting and what the brain observes during the dream state more accurately suits what reality is or should be. As we start to become lucid in the dream state its almost as if the left brain is trying to “wake itself” and go back to interpreting/facilitating the experience which is what it does in waking life. I say that because as I become lucid in a dream the first thing I say to myself in the dream is “this can’t be real I must be dreaming.” With all this left brain vs right brain interaction, what does the mind has to do with all this? The mind and the brain are two separate functions/entities. I believe that the mind is always functioning, as we embrace submitting or transitioning into a more right brain experience it enables dream. As we continue to remain confined to the brain to some extent we remain confined to the body because the brain is a function of the body. When we detach completely from the brain we are able to enter the void which houses the mind. The mind is pure consciousness, as such we are able to shift our consciousness to experience various forms of existences which do not adhere to: laws of physics, time, and space.



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